What Is True Class?

The name's Athena.

I'm a green eyed brunette.

I reside in North America, but am Lithuanian by heart. <3

I admire fashion and once hope to be an elegant fashionista myself. Basically anything that strikes my interest will be found in this blog.

Want to know more? Just ask!

**Reminder: I do not take ownership of any photos that I upload.**

amoremalik-deactivated20130513 asked: Your posts are really lovely :)


thanks so much! (:


Even thought Christmas won’t be here for a few weeks, I’m definitely already in the Christmas spirt! So reblog this and I’ll tell you something I like about your blog! :)

You don’t have to be following me but please at least check it out!

I have exams coming up that I need to study for so it may take me a while but I promise to do this for everyone who reblogs! At least until Christmas! :)

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